Claim Reporting

MedicusRx’s Claims Management System, ClaimPilot is web-based and can be accessed with any web-enabled device with an internet connection. Our staff is trained to manage all lines of coverage.

We have a secure database for storing and retrieving all claim information. ClaimPilot also allows MedicusRx to track the progress of their claims from entry to resolution in real-time. With a few simple clicks, we can provide the claim status to keep all parties updated.

Additionally, our system provides a wide range of reports to help evaluate trends, understand the causes of loss, and identify opportunities for improvement. The system is HIPAA compliant, and all data is protected by the latest encryption techniques. We also offer a variety of audit options to ensure the accuracy of our data. ClaimPilot provides a comprehensive solution for managing claims quickly and efficiently. Our system allows the claims to be handled with ease and accuracy while also providing the flexibility to customize the claims management processes.

MedicusRx’s claim referrals can be completed using one of the following:

  • Phone: 713-292-5099
  • Fax: 281-407-6309
  • Email:
  • This online referral form is available for claim reporting
  • EDI: This allows our customer to submit claims through a standard electronic file that is securely transmitted to our system.

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Call us at (713) 292-5099 or toll-free at (888) 899-8913.

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