Medication / Pharmacy Review Services

Medication and Pharmacy Review services play an important role in various aspects of healthcare, including pharmacy transparency audits, retrospective medication audits, pharmacy peer reviews, and pharmacy reporting and analytics. 

  • Pharmacy Transparency Audits
    • Designed to help ensure health plans, employers, and other organizations are getting the best value for their pharmacy benefit dollars. We review pharmacy claims data and identify potential cost savings opportunities, such as opportunities to switch to lower-cost generic drugs or negotiate better prices with pharmacy providers.
  • Retrospective Medication Audits 
    • Designed to identify potential medication-related problems or discrepancies retrospectively. We review medication orders, patient medical records, and other relevant information to identify potential medication errors, adverse drug events, or other issues that may have occurred during a patient’s treatment.
  • Pharmacy Peer Reviews
    • Designed to evaluate the performance of individual pharmacists or pharmacy departments. We evaluate the quality of care provided by pharmacists, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies for improving performance.
  • Pharmacy Reporting and Analytics
    • Designed to provide insights into pharmacy-related data and trends. We analyze pharmacy claims data, identify medication utilization trends, and develop strategies for improving medication adherence and reducing costs.


By evaluating medication orders, patient medical records, and pharmacy claims data, medication, and pharmacy review services, we can help identify potential medication-related problems, optimize medication therapy, and reduce costs.


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