Return to Work Programs

A robust return to work program should include ongoing communication and documentation between the employer, employee and treating physician to ensure that the employee is progressing safely and timely. This engagement is often not the case.  This involves communicating with the treating providers and evaluating the employee’s ability to perform their job duties.  Our claims team has experience in developing and implementing return to work programs that enable injured workers to maintain their employment with modified duties that are tailored to the individual’s physical capabilities. Staying current on medical treatment plans and identifying modified job availability is key. Our claims team can provide guidance on medical monitoring to ensure any changes in the employee’s condition and abilities are addressed. Finally, our goal is to successfully return the employee back to good health and back to work.  These steps must be carefully managed and monitored to ensure the employer maintains a safe work environment and the well-being of the employee is top priority. MedicusRx has the knowledge and expertise to ensure your return-to-work program is successful and effective.

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