Strengthening mental wellness support for first responders: A collaborative initiative

The FirstNet Health and Wellness Coalition leads efforts to enhance first responder mental wellness through comprehensive strategies and policy changes “Strengthening Mental Wellness Support for First Responders: A Collaborative Initiative.” FireRescue1, FireRescue1, 10 Jan. 2024,

Cases Involving Fentanyl

Creating Leverage in Cases Involving FentanylUse by Retaining Toxicology and PharmacologyExperts Early in Accident Investigation TIDA Newsletter – Q3 2023By: Dr. David Randolph, MD, PhD, MPH and Chad Sizemore, Whitten Law Office The importance of conducting an early and thorough investigation into a collision should be obvious andcannot be overstated. Collecting information regarding one’s own […]

Top Spine Surgeons Reap Royalties

A Wall Street Journal investigation tracks heavy use of spine-fusion surgery at U.S. hospitals, some of which have surgeons who receive large royalty payments from medical-device giant Medtronic.