Data Analytics

Data analytics plays an essential role in healthcare research and decision-making. It enables researchers and healthcare professionals to analyze large datasets to identify patterns and trends, inform decisions about treatment and resource allocation, and improve health outcomes for patients and populations. Our medical Epidemiologists and Biostatistics team have formal training and publications in peer-reviewed medical journals.  In addition, our physicians serve on the ODG and the SPINE journal editorial boards.

The MedicusRx team provides:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Treatment Outcomes
  • Cost-Effective Analysis
  • Meaningful Return to Work Analysis


In addition, our Claims Management System provides the ability to visually monitor the progress of claims and medical bills through the claims process. The system provides a real-time graphical display of claims activities and allows quick identification. Customizable reports can be submitted to the client as requested.

The system’s automated workflows ensure that all claim activities are handled quickly and accurately. Automated notifications, automated reminders and automated escalations help ensure timely processing and completion of claims activities.

MedicusRx also provides a claims analysis tool that allows our team the ability to analyze claims data, identify trends, and proactively address potential issues. This tool allows analysis of data from multiple sources including claim forms, payments and medical bills. Data from various sources, charts and graphs can be saved for future reference. Customizable reports can be submitted to the client as requested.


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