Diagnostic Testing

MedicusRx has a wide array of diagnostic testing to assure accurate diagnosis in a timely manner to provide the best possible treatment plans and outcomes for all patients.

MedicusRx offers:

  • Clinical Laboratory Medicine
  • Medical Imaging
    1. MRI
    2. CT
    3. Ultrasound
    4. X-rays
  • Verifying biopsy and anatomic pathology
  • Sleep Apnea Testing
  • Neurocognitive Assessment
  • FCE Testing
  • Toxicology
    1. UDT (DOT and non-DOT)
    2. Alcohol Testing
  • Audiograms
  • Pulmonary Function Testing

Due to multiple options for diagnostic testing, different clinical practice guidelines, rapid biomedical advances, and the aging population with multiple co-morbidities, our in-house Physicians can recommend the most appropriate diagnostic testing and facility to be tailored to the patient’s health problem.

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