Cost containment in healthcare has always been a top concern for most companies. Whether dealing with out-of-control medical costs or questionable diagnoses, MedicusRx is here to help. We can mitigate medical costs with direct physician-to-physician contact to verify diagnosis, treatments and/or return to work plans. Under the MedicusRx Physician directed Case Management model, our cost containment strategy is created to control healthcare spending while increasing the quality of care, expand access to healthcare services, and to assure provider integrity.

We focus on providing individualized care to patients and utilizing evidence-based medicine to ensure that the most effective, cost-efficient treatments are utilized. We also offer a variety of programs and services to help identify and reduce unnecessary healthcare spending.

Our cost containment efforts include:

  • Utilizing clinical pathways to ensure treatments are evidence-based and cost-effective.
  • Employing data-driven decision-making to identify cost drivers and manage care.
  • Assessing and managing utilization patterns of providers to ensure care is appropriate and efficient.
  • Negotiating and monitoring provider contracts to optimize reimbursement.
  • Utilizing electronic medical records to track outcomes, quality of care, and cost of care.
  • Implementing data analytics to identify cost-saving opportunities and to improve care quality.
  • Offering patient education to promote preventive care.
  • Utilizing telehealth programs to reduce travel costs and improve access to care.
  • Leveraging evidence-based practice guidelines to ensure efficient and effective treatments.

We provide compassionate, cost-effective Physician Case Management with dedication and integrity. Our experienced team of medical professionals are devoted to providing our clients with the best quality services.

Additional Services

  • Cost Containment
  • Physician Case Management
  • Utilization Management
  • Peer Review
  • RME
  • Pharmacy and DME Review
  • Bill Review Services
  • Telehealth
  • Data Analytics
  • Consultation & Training
  • In-House Occupational Consultation & Training
  • Occupational Safety & Health Management
  • Post Accident Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Travel, Health & Immunization


Physician Case Management

Physician Case Management involves MedicusRx physicians overseeing the patients’ medical treatment plans. Our physicians work closely with the patients and their healthcare providers to ensure that the patients receive appropriate and effective medical care.  We offer physician case management in several areas: Telephonic, Field, Vocational, Catastrophic, Early Intervention, Job Analysis/Placement, Medical Cost Projections  
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Medical Evaluations

MedicusRx medical evaluations are performed by our in-house physicians to determine the medical status, needs, and treatment options for patients. Medical evaluations are used in various areas of healthcare to determine the appropriate treatment plans and recommendations. MedicusRx Medical Evaluations services include: DDE (Designated Doctor Examination) RME (Required Medical Examination) Peer Review Disability Evaluation Maximum […]
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Consultation & Training

OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY & HEALTH MANAGEMENT Our goal is a rapid, safe, productive, and sustained recovery for your most valuable asset – your team members.   Developing the best treatment and rehabilitation plan for each injured worker. When possible, we keep the team member in the workplace throughout treatment and rehab. Providing close management of each case, […]
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The Future of Healthcare is Here! We are excited to provide fast and convenient healthcare from the comfort of your home or office! Our healthcare professionals understand your time is valuable. MedicusRx has time saving solutions for your busy lifestyle. Contact us for more information. Fast, Secure, Convenient Our healthcare providers are committed to providing […]
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